As a sponsor and participant in high-profile healthcare conferences and symposiums, Gilead needed an ongoing event production and messaging partner who could elevate their presence across many different events, with acute attention to detail to their complex global messaging.



Managing Gilead’s presence at various events means looking at their role in each event strategically and tailoring

the speaker and complex messaging for each audience.

LCW coordinates with hosts and venues on behalf of Gilead to ensure an on-brand environment can be fabricated and produced.

We provide speaker selection, coaching and support to ensure each speaker thoroughly understands the messaging and successfully incorporates it into stories and presentations.

Complement their audiovisual resources, providing graphic design and multimedia production to produce engaging and inspiring presentations.

Increase attendee interaction and engagement through tactics like live polling, Q&A, and entertainment segments.

Understand and navigate the precise and highly-regulated pharmaceutical and healthcare landscapes, combing messaging and presentations for compliance.



Creating a cohesive, focused message across our many events with Gilead have led to increased awareness of the brand and treatment options.

Our ability to adapt the company’s point of view on the health landscape to resonate with varying audiences leads to our ongoing relationship.