Communicate the loyalty marketing company’s annual goals and inspire employees to meet them in the coming year, as well as create a leadership summit for senior management to strategize on driving toward the annual goals.



A team-sports-themed two day event including a pep rally on day one to fire up employees with the year’s vision, and a follow up seminar on day two to coach the coaches, senior leadership, on how to inspire their teams throughout the year.

LCW oversaw both events, collaborating with key executives and committees to develop, align, and refine messaging and strategy across both days.

Signed Coach Urban Meyer to speak at day two’s leadership coaching session and were responsible for all coordination and handling.

Launched a communications plan and mobile app to increase pre-, during-, and post-event engagement.

Served as Executive Producer for the events, calling the show.

Ran logistics and transportation including bussing 1200 employees from three corporate buildings to and from the venue.

Ensured messaging and graphics were compelling and on-brand.

Executed a Return On Objective study to determine if the messaging resonated with employees after the event.




More than 90 percent of attendees rated the events either “excellent” or “good” and 96 percent of employees felt confident they could reach company goals by the end of the year. Employees told us it was the best event they’d attended since joining Alliance.

Perhaps not coincidentally, Alliance Data was also named one of Fortune Magazine’s World’s Most Admired Companies of 2014.